1, Ihama Road, Off Adesuwa Road, GRA, Benin City Edo State.


Dominion greetings, in Jesus name. Last week Sunday evening, I went with my 8year old son to pack my late sisters things, at Ekewhan road. I took a cab, and on getting there, I told the cab driver to assist me with the things; unknowing to me, the man left the car keys in the car.  Suddenly, I heard a loud shout; and when I came out of the house, my son had moved the car. The removed the caravan, behind the car, and God miraculously stopped the car. To God be the glory, nothing happened to my son!

Secondly, at about 11pm on Wednesday night, I heard my neighbor shouting my name; I jumped up immediately from bed, and she told me that there was smoke coming out of my apartment. When I ran out with my children, we noticed that it was coming from my husband’s room. But to the glory of God, my husband was not around, and we decided not to sleep there that night, because the ceiling fan developed a strange noise.

Although the bed and other items in the room got burnt, I want to appreciate God for saving my family from fire incident.

May God’s name be praised!