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I have dominion! I have been leaving in my uncle’s house, where I still pay rent. However, when he died, trouble increased, as his brothers kept disturbing me. It became so serious that one of our family members harassed me, insulted me and even threatened to get people to rape me to death. I had to come and see our Resident, Pastor Chris Iyeke who prayed for me and anointed me.

I have been hearing testimonies on how God granted others favour, and provided them with accommodation; but I had just #1000 on me. However, God did it for me, and provided a room and parlor for me. I received a first alert, but was left with #70,000 to balance up. On Wednesday morning after the Covenant Hour of Prayer service, I had a leading to go and roll on the altar seven times, which I did. That same day, I received an alert of #70,000.

I have come to return all the glory to God!