1, Ihama Road, Off Adesuwa Road, GRA, Benin City Edo State.


I have come to return all the thanks to this Almighty God. Last Sunday during the Pre-Shiloh encounter service, Pastor announced that all those who desired something should come out; which I did. I have been believing God for my house rent for some time now, and in just two days, God gave me a miracle alert of my house rent through my second son.

Secondly, for over 4years, I have harbored bitterness and hatred over someone who betrayed me. But during the last Sunday’s Pre–Shiloh encounter service, Pastor prophesied that God would be setting someone free. Suddenly, I found myself deep in tears, and ran to the altar. As soon as Pastor placed his hands on me, I felt every anger, bitterness and hatred leave me. Today, I am free!

Glory to God!