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Praise the Lord! I have come to return all the glory to God, who is the doer of all good things. On Friday, 17th of January, just before the One night with the King, I was in my sitting room dancing to a Frank Edward’s song; and proclaiming that congratulations was coming my way. My Mum was lying down on the floor, watching me dance to the prophetic song; but just as she stood up, she felt a sharp pain at her back. I brought out the anointing oil and anointed her. But even after that, she still insisted that she was in serious pain, and it felt like something had hit her. So, I looked around, and surprisingly found a bullet. I started looking around to find out where it came from and found a hole in the ceiling.

I quickly went downstairs to find out from my neighbors if there had been gunshots, but they said they didn’t hear anything. I was so surprised because I had previously heard a loud sound like that of a knockout; but nobody claimed to hear it.

I have come to return all the glory to God for sparing my life, and that of my Mother.