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Last month, my baby was sick. On getting to the hospital, he was diagnosed with fever and was treated. However, two weeks ago, he became sick again and was taken back to the hospital where the same drugs were prescribed for him, and no improvement was seen. We were however referred to Central hospital, where we were told that our baby was dying. We were told to run a PCV test, which showed 8%, and so we were told to buy blood. Despite the result, we administered the communion to him and began to pray.

On the fifth day, the PCV test was repeated it had gone up to 20%. Our son was discharged but was told to return after 3days. When we went for the checkup, the PCV had dropped to 19& again, and this time I told my wife to keep administering the communion to him. To God be the glory, 3days after, we went back to repeat the test, and the PCV was 30%.

Also, on Tuesday, our marriage was 3years. Hallelujah!