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Welcome to our Church

The great thing about the Church of God is that it is home for all; there are neither Jews nor gentiles. All are equal before Him and He is accessible to everyone. As many as come to Him, He receives with loving open arms. The Church is where we receive respite from the burdens of life, hope for the future and strength to face the world.
God loves you and wants to fellowship with you and your Brethren hence his Word in Heb 10:25 “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.”
Come and hear God’s Word. God’s Word is life. Come and be set alive!
Once again, Welcome to Church.


When we give thanks to God we simply remind him of what he has not done. Isaiah 43:26, Psalm 103:1-5

Thanksgiving is celebrating the acts of God within the people of God. It is ascribing all the glory to God. Luke 17:17-19.
Thanksgiving justifies people. Your sense of value for God determines your flow in life. Those who go to God with thanksgiving arrive in signs and wonders.
After Thanksgiving, we go into praises. Thanksgiving secures answers to all our prayers. Thanksgiving is a major connector, connecting you to your bright future.
2 Samuel 6:14. Anything you use in praising God can never die.

How glorious you praise him will determine how glorious your life will be.
Hab 3:17-19

Thanksgiving is the gateway to our high places
Thanksgiving is a vehicle that conveys you to your high places in life and destiny.



  • This week, I declare mass burial in the camp of your enemies!
  • The God of vengeance will show up on your behalf this week!
  • None of your enemies will escape the sword of God’s vengeance, this week!
  • I release the fire of God against the camp of your enemies now!
  • I command the earth under your enemies to open up and swallow them!
  • Every plague of premature death sent against you and your family, goes back to the head of the sender today!
  • It is declared the week of judgment for all your enemies!
  • Anyone that says you won’t have rest, this week, they shall be laid to rest!
  • Anyone wishing you downfall, you will climb their head and get to the top!
  • Anyone that has said you will not reap the fruit of your labour, the fire of the Holy Ghost consumes them now!
  • Anyone that targets your life for destruction, goes down for you today!
  • The God of vengeance will show up in your favour!
  • Every closed door in your life shall be forced open by the God of vengeance!
  • It is declared a blessed week for you!
  • You are declared exempted from all evils!

You were meant to enjoy a life free in Christ.

Take your first step towards it.

We exist to bring God’s freedom to everyone. We love to care for people who have been hurt. This is our mandate.

Sunday Morning Worship:

7:00 am | 08:45 am | 10:30am

Communion Service:

Wednesdays at 4:30 pm

Main Location: 1, Ihama Road, Off Adesuwa Road, GRA, Benin City Edo State.


Amazing Testimonies

DELIVERANCE FROM FIRE ACCIDENT I want to appreciate God for what He has done for me. Firstly, I want to appreciate Him for granting me journey mercies from Lagos to Benin. Secondly, there was a property in Benin that was placed under my supervision; but when I traveled, there was nobody in the house except those in the boys quarters. but when I returned on Monday, I realized that one of the rooms was covered with smoke; with only the mattress and one side of the cabinet destroyed by fire. How God did it that the fire didn't escalate, and burn the whole room is still a mystery; but I have come to return all the glory to God. -Bro. Joseph .O, LFC GRA.   DIVINE HEALING VIA THE MANTLE Praise the Lord! Last Sunday was my first time of worshipping here; I have long been looking for a good church to fellowship with, since I was transferred to Benin. I have been having this headache for 15 years, that only comes at night; and this same affliction was what took the life of my best friend, so I became afraid that I was next. When I came for the last Sunday's mantle impartation service, I got my own handkerchief  and believed that it will produce my own result. Some days after, the headache came. and as instructed by the Resident Pastor, I invoked the God of Bishop David Oyedepo and tied the mantle on my head. To the glory of God, the 15 years ordeal of night headache came to an end, just like that. I have made up my mind to settle down in this Church. I have come to give all the glory to God! -Sis. Juliet .O, LFC GRA.;

SUPERNATURAL CHANGE OF LEVEL I have come to appreciate God for surprising me at work. I got promoted from an ordinary staff to the manager of my company. Thank you, Jesus! -Bro Simon .Z, LFC GRA.   DELIVERANCE FROM INFIRMITY Praise the Lord! I have come to bless the name of the Lord for His faithfulness in my life. August last year, I had an accident that almost claimed my life and barely a year after, which was just last month, I fell seriously ill and thought I was going to die, because all medications showed no result. It was so serious that I couldn't talk, and to make matters worse, people started calling me with different dreams; and all I could tell them was to pray. I started rebuking the spirit of death, and a pastor called to join faith with me. Suddenly, I started reviving; and today, I'm here hale and hearty. Thank you, Jesus! -Sis. Lorita .O, LFC GRA.   SUPERNATURAL CONCEPTION AND DELIEVERY I have come to bless the name of the Lord for giving me safe delivery after 7 miscarriages . While I was pregnant at 5months, I had a dream where I was told, "make we see as she go born this pikin". At 8 months, I went for a scan and was told I would start having contractions any moment; and indeed, the contractions began at 8 months and 3 days. Surprisingly, my EDD came, and nothing happened, but contractions continued. This was on till 11months, and I got tired of carrying pregnancy. During the anniversary celebration, the Lord told me to go and serve him, which I did. On Wednesday of the weeklong celebration, Pastor admonished us to praise God as if we were seeing our miracles already. Although I was already booked for operation by Friday, I praised like never before; and then, the God of Oyedepo showed up on Friday morning. I went in for delivery, and was told to push out my baby since I was already contracting at 6 cm; I did, but nothing happened. I pushed to the point where I could push no further; then the mid wife discovered that the cord was tying my baby's hands and legs. At this point, the midwife and the nurses burst into tongues and started praying, I gathered strength and joined them in prayers. I don't know how God did it, but He did it. I am alive today, and so is my baby. Praise the Lord! -Sis Gbenga .L, LFC GRA.;

Last week Tuesday, I noticed I was bleeding, I thought it was my monthly flow; but I realized I was bleeding from my anus. During the communion service of last Sunday, I told God that I didn't want to return home with that affliction, after partaking of the communion; and to the glory of God, from that Sunday till now, no more bleeding. Thank you, Jesus!  ;

Sis. Blessing .O


I want to thank God for all he has done for me and for using Pastor Chris Iyeke to be a blessing to me. Last month, I lost my job, and it seemed like all hope was lost. During one of the Sunday services, during pastor's ministration, I realized that all of the prophetic declarations were referring to me. so after the service, I went to see him in his office, and narrated my problems to him. He told me to keep believing in God, and never lose faith; that is exactly what i did. Just last week, a family friend called me and asked if I would like to go into business, and I told him yes. Last Sunday, Pastor declared that we would experience financial favour that week, and to my greatest surprise, I received an alert from a friend who said he sent me that money to enable me start up my own business. I have come to return all the glory to God!;

Sis. Esther


I have come to give all the glory to the God who is too faithful to fail. On Tuesday morning, my dad called to tell me about the ordeal he went through, at night. He said he was stooling all through the night, and hence he was very weak and couldn't even see properly. Although he said his brother had gotten him some drugs which had reduced the stooling, I was still bothered. So, I prayed for him, and we asked God to take charge. Just before I left for evening raid, I called to check up on him, and it seemed he was in a worse condition because of how he sounded. During the evening prayer raid, I asked God to take over the situation, especially because I was in his house to pray for the kingdom. After the raid, I called again, and I was told that my dad was rushed to the hospital because he was losing strength. During my night prayers, I focused on praying for others who had health challenges, i the body of Christ. Afterwards, I placed my dad's picture on the floor and thanked God for his healing. By morning, I got a call that my dad was much better, but he couldn't move one of his leg and hand. I took his picture, prayed on it, and took it to the ARP's office as well. the ARP prayed on the picture also, and told me to begin to celebrate God for the victory. by afternoon, my dad called and said that Jesus had healed him; his health has been fully restored!;

Sis. Rita


Turnaround greetings in Jesus name. I have come to return all the glory to God for confirming the word of His servant, Pastor Chris Iyeke. During the next levels banquet service, I had a witness in my spirit that God was about changing my level, just as daddy had declared. The next Monday, I got nominated in my organization to be part of a project team at enterprise level, and this would mean that I will start attending management meetings; amongst other benefits. The wonder of it all is that I am an entry staff, and among the youngest in my organization, but God has chosen to make me sit with kings. Thank You, Jesus!;

Harrison .A


I have been having waist pain for some days, and have been believing God for a miracle. When I heard of a similar testimony in the first service,  I told myself that the second service was the service that will deliver my own healing. All through the word ministration, our resident pastor made several declarations, but he didn't mention my case; in spite of this, I believed in my heart that I will be healed. While the service was still going on, I declared that even though my case wasn't mentioned,  Lord let your servant step down to where I am sitting, nevertheless. Just then, Pastor stood in front of the row where I sat, and I took it as an assurance of my healing. during the anointing oil ministration, Pastor finally mentioned my case, and I knew that was it. At that moment, I realized that I could not find the pain anymore. Thank You, Father!;

Sis. Glory .A


I want to thank the God of a turnaround for visiting my family. My husband works for a multinational organization and he is a top performer with several awards and has even traveled to New York to collect awards for the best staff in West and East Africa combined, but despite all these achievements he was not still promoted to a managerial position, but rather they were creating smaller opportunities for him. We engaged in the kingdom advancement prayers and used our nighttime to pray for our cell members; and suddenly, the God of turnaround showed up. Those in my husband's office who had been sitting on his promotion were removed from the organization, and the senior manager position was vacant. The God of turnaround lifted my husband to that position, with an attractive package that can make someone faint. We return all the glory to God of turnaround.  ;

Sis. Grace Gbemi


I have been having a certain pain around my pelvic region (left side precisely), for some days now. However, when the worship was going on in the first service, I simply told God “You said if I serve you, you will bless my bread and take away my sickness, now I am in my place of service come and take these pains away". Just after the service, I couldn’t feel any pain again!  ;

Sis. Ejiro Osasu


I have been experiencing pains and colds all over my body for the past three days. But this morning, I told myself that I must be made whole in today's healing and deliverance service. During the service, a testimony was shared of how a lady got her own healing in service just as this; and I keyed into it. Just as the service was going on, all the pains and cold started to disappear and when the anointing oil was administered I was made completely whole. Thanks be to God!  ;

Sis. Veronica Nicolas



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