1, Ihama Road, Off Adesuwa Road, GRA, Benin City Edo State.


I have come to testify of the goodness of God in my life. In the midst of the year, the Holy Ghost gave me a strategy that helped me bring at least 4souls to church every Sunday, online; then God showed up. I wrote an international exam some time ago, and the result came out showing that I had failed. I rejected the result, and applied for the result to be re-marked; behold, the new result just came out with a score in the top 5%. In this season where people are losing jobs, I have gotten over 6job offers.

Secondly, my wife and daughter visas that has been denied 4times, has been granted.

Thirdly, the Lord supernaturally healed me of a serious eye disease by faith.

Indeed, serving God pays!