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Praise the Lord! The week of our anniversary celebration, my one-year-old son fell ill. I and my wife took him to the hospital, but there was found to be nothing wrong with him. We further went for a scan, as instructed by the doctor and it was found out that his intestines were blocked. We were admonished to get him ready for surgery, but I refused, but he was however put on admission. I came to church for the anniversary thanksgiving service on Sunday, and during the service, Pastor Adeboye prayed on our hands, as well as the mantle. In that light, I went to the hospital to see my son with the mantle and other kingdom mysteries. As soon as I got there, I applied the mantle on him; a few hours later, my son went to the toilet effortlessly, for the first time in days. We went for a repeat of the scan, and no intestinal blockage was found again.

Secondly, during last week’s Sunday service, our Resident Pastor declared that we would find favor in the sight of our supervisors that week; and I received it. I have been running a 2year program for 4years now, because of my supervisor. But that week, I went to see him, and God granted me unusual favor in his sight.

I have come to say “thank you, Jesus”!