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I have come to give all the glory to the God who is too faithful to fail. On Tuesday morning, my dad called to tell me about the ordeal he went through, at night. He said he was stooling all through the night, and hence he was very weak and couldn’t even see properly. Although he said his brother had gotten him some drugs which had reduced the stooling, I was still bothered. So, I prayed for him, and we asked God to take charge. Just before I left for evening raid, I called to check up on him, and it seemed he was in a worse condition because of how he sounded. During the evening prayer raid, I asked God to take over the situation, especially because I was in his house to pray for the kingdom. After the raid, I called again, and I was told that my dad was rushed to the hospital because he was losing strength.

During my night prayers, I focused on praying for others who had health challenges, i the body of Christ. Afterwards, I placed my dad’s picture on the floor and thanked God for his healing.

By morning, I got a call that my dad was much better, but he couldn’t move one of his leg and hand. I took his picture, prayed on it, and took it to the ARP’s office as well. the ARP prayed on the picture also, and told me to begin to celebrate God for the victory. by afternoon, my dad called and said that Jesus had healed him; his health has been fully restored!