1, Ihama Road, Off Adesuwa Road, GRA, Benin City Edo State.


Praise the Lord! I have come to thank the God of this commission for giving me peace, joy and rest of mind. For years, I have been passing through several challenges. We were about 17 princesses in the marine kingdom, passing through this; we sought for help from various places, all to no avail.

I gave my life to Christ, and my daughter encouraged me to start attending this church; but since I was one of the heads in the marine kingdom, they refused to let me go and I began facing strange attacks. I noticed that when I am driving, a heap of sand from nowhere would pour of my face and eyes, disrupting my vision and causing me to stop the car.

I also couldn’t sleep at night; but after I encountered the man of God, back then in Abuja, that yoke was destroyed.

However, God gave me final victory during the Pre-Shiloh Encounter  Night .  As soon as I was sprinkled with the blood, I felt an electric shock inside of me, and that was the end of every attack and oppression.I am now free!