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Praise the Lord! I was diagnosed with ovarian cyst in the month of September, and was told to get ready for surgery to get it off. I had already paid for the surgery before the Pre-Shiloh encounter night was announced. During the service I wrote my request for healing from the ovarian cyst. Surprisingly, before the close to the all-night by Saturday, I felt relieved and perfectly fine. Immediately after the encounter night, I went for a re-scan, and the ovarian cyst was nowhere to be found.

Just as I was about leaving the hospital, where I went to for my scan, the nurse somehow cajoled me into taking an injection; even when I told her I was fine. Immediately I took the injection, my whole system changed, and before I knew it, I was an emergency case at Lily hospital. I was weak, vomiting and was almost rejected by the hospital. I was however told that I had to run some kidney tests; at that point I ran to the Resident Pastor who prayed for me, blessed the anointing oil and the communion for me. As soon as I partook of them, I received strength, and had no reason to go back to the hospital for any test or drug.