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I have come to return all the glory to the God of this great commission. My husband has been long overdue for a promotion in his place of work, but was being denied of it. I ran to our daddy- Pastor Chris Iyeke, who prayed for me, counseled me and declared that God would turn our story around. Afterwards, my faith jacked back, and I told my husband that we had to take some covenant steps, like making a vow, which we did. We prayed in faith concerning his advancement, and even though it seemed as if the answer wasn’t forth coming, we persisted.
While we were busy praying for advancement in my husband’s place of work, God was busy preparing a better place for my husband. Someone that my husband has never met, took it upon himself to favour my husband. He began talking to some leading companies in Nigeria on behalf of my husband. As God would have it, my husband was invited for an interview, which turned out to be an employment, with benefits three times better than his former place of work.