1, Ihama Road, Off Adesuwa Road, GRA, Benin City Edo State.

I have come to testify to the goodness of God, and appreciate him for delivering me from herdsmen. I embarked on a journey to see my mum, and while in the vehicle, I heard gunshots. To my greatest surprise, the person sitting next to me was shot dead; then it dawned on me that they were shooting at us. Something spoke to me and said I should escape through the window, which I did. I then crossed to the other side of the road and entered the bush.

Later on, I noticed that I was feeling very dizzy, not knowing that I had been shot at my back earlier on. Suddenly, I heard voices telling me to come out of the bush. I managed to crawl out, and was immediately rushed to the teaching hospital, in Asaba. On getting to the hospital, I was left unattended to and had to wait for my mum and my sister’s husband to come and pick me up to another hospital; where I was immediately operated upon to remove the AK 47 bullet.

After the surgery, my PCV was checked, since I had lost a lot of blood. As God would have it, my PCV was 34%.

I have come to appreciate God for sparing my life, I am standing here today, whole and with no broken bones.