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I have come to give God all the glory. Last week, my baby fell sick and when I took him for treatment, he was given some malaria drugs. When I got home, I noticed that one of the drugs was for children up to one year, but my son was less than a year. I called my husband, and he encouraged me to administer the drug, since I wasn’t the doctor that prescribed it. I gave it to him, and three days later, he started stooling and vomiting. I went back to the doctor, and he said I should repeat the drugs. Few days after, my son became so weak that he couldn’t even talk again and he wasn’t responding to his name or to touch. We immediately rushed him to the hospital, and when we got there, I was asked what happened. After showing the doctor the drugs I was given, I was told that he was reacting to the drug overdose. I administered the blood and the anointing to him, and today my baby is alive.
I have come to appreciate God!