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I have dominion! Last month, my husband woke up in the morning, and just collapsed in the kitchen; and before the end of the day, he was on admission to the hospital. After so many tests, it was seen that his PCV was 19%, with no logical explanations as to why it was so low. After some days, his case became so critical that he had to be transferred to another hospital; and in that process, he passed out right in front of me. I thought I had lost him, but God showed up! He was revived, placed on oxygen, and by the following day, he was rushed to UBTH.

On getting there, God showed up! God sent his saints to attend to, and pray with my husband. A member of this church admonished me to engage the mystery of praise, to see God in action. That evening, we danced round my husband’s picture. To the glory of God, today, my husband is hale and hearty.